Fish sauce is an amber-coloured liquid extracted from the fermentation of fish with sea salt. It is used as a condiment in various cuisines. Fish sauce is a staple ingredient in numerous cultures in South East Asia and the coastal regions of East Asia. Most of the fish sauce is industrial fish sauce. This process relies on the addition of enzyme to accelarate the process of fermenation. And often, additives are added to enhance the flavour. Often, the quality of industrial
fish sauce is inferior to traditional fish sauce. Just a small part of the commercial available fish sauce is traditional processed. This process relies on traditional fermentation. Holland Diamond Fish, producess a 100% natural traditional fish sauce without adding artificial additives or enzymes during the process of fermentation. The fish sauce is fermented by using selected fresh fish and seasalt, resulting in a flagrant smell and a delightful taste. The fish sauce is of high quality, produced in a food appproved production facility against European standards.